Project Management Services

Projects and programmes face numerous challenges from many directions, such as the client organisation, supplier/s environment and in the wider business context.   Application of a management method, cookie cutter style, will be ineffective if the organisations involved in the projects are not sufficiently geared up to support their projects or programmes.


What is meant by this?  Well, even highly skilled project teams will still struggle to perform if the wider organisation does not know how to support the smooth running of a project.  Teams rarely work in isolation of the wider client or supplier environment, therefore those environments directly impact the teams’ ability to deliver.


Our vision is to:

“Help clients understand the true issues impacting project delivery and not hide behind consultant speak or excuses about the project management method.”

We do this by identifying common reasons for project failures often missed during project set up:

  • Lack of understanding of project complexity on all sides, and what this means in delivery terms
  • Unrealistic client expectations and ‘over selling’ of solutions by software technology companies
  • Companies with insufficient resources dedicated to the project or programme
  • Lack of effective organisational collaboration

Our goal is to enable clients to be self sufficient in better managing their projects and programmes.


We do this by:

  • Helping clients understand the issues within their organisation which impact successful delivery of projects
  • Collaborating with clients to identify pragmatic solutions to address the underlying delivery issues
  • Providing assistance to implement the solutions within the organisation


We want to be a trusted advisor as and when needed, to provide short term assistance during periods of change.   We do not want to become a permanent fixture in the client organisation.


Our rates are transparent and fair.  Please contact us for more information.


Some organisations we have worked with are below.